Dano and Heather

When I started photography 15 years ago I fell in love with being free to capture what I had a vision for. Throughout time it became a business...and in that became heart break. It became something more of a service for others rather than myself. I thank God every day that he blessed me at an early age with something that will be able to take care of me later on in life... but I still struggle. This shoot however brought me new life. I apologize as well for my terrible punctuation and grammar. Writing was never my strong point.

I was contacted by Heather via Instagram about photographing her wedding in Chico. She booked me! We decided a San Luis Obispo engagement session was an amazing idea for save the dates. I had never met these two prior as they do not live in my hometown...so you never know what to expect. Naturally, the nervous butterflies come over me and worrying about if they're going to like me or work well with me. I tend to rely on my personality solely when connecting with people, but you still never know.

Going into this photoshoot I had been pretty burnt out with clients not allowing me to be free in my art and not being cooperative in what I think would make for beautiful portraits. People tend to say they want candid and end up hating the results because most people are focused so much about looking perfect rather than an authentic moment with sincere memories tied behind it.

Quickly upon meeting. I fell in love with Heather and Dano. This is where it gets good. They didn't say one thing about how I were to do my job. They didn't micromanage anything I did. They looked at me and said we trust you. They just met me. How could they trust me? It was such a respect thing that made me feel valued and I was able to operate in such a manner that was so natural and so much fun! I jokingly brought up about them getting into the ocean fully clothed and without hesitation they were like "whatever you want"

Im in heaven at this point. So I tell them to get in! They started splashing each other and I really saw why they fell in love. The chemistry was unreal and inspiring. Its moments like this that made me fall in love as a 13 year old boy with a sony cyber shot camera with photography. I chose these two for my first blog because of the kindness they give and the authenticity they provide. Hands down one of my favorite shoots ever!

I pray over this couple that the Lord blesses them in love, finances, joy, happiness, strength and all around peace. God has done something special with these two, I'm honored to have met them and even more honored to capture their big day.

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